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How Children Benefit From Cotillion

1.  Everything in life is social.

From school to dances, college to interviews, careers, travel and even family gatherings, life is social.  Giving children the skills they need to be comfortable and confident in their ability to handle life’s social activities early in life just helps them be more confident and successful people forever.


2.  There are very few places for children to practice their good manners, mature respectful behavior, dressing up, etc.

It sometimes helps to have someone other than Mom and Dad telling them that manners are important, and coming to Cotillion gives them a chance to practice good manners with their peers and become more comfortable using them.  Cotillion reinforces the manners they have already been learning at home. 

3.  Cotillion is not really about the dancing!  It is about becoming comfortable with social skills, developing self-confidence and respect for others. 

Cotillion could also be described as interpersonal relationship development.  It gives children a place where they are expected to treat one another with thoughtfulness and respect - something they don’t have the opportunity to practice very often these days.  Some people consider Cotillion to be just another activity for their child.  But when you consider the many life-applications of the skills learned, and  the  self-esteem and lifelong confidence they build in a child, one can see that Cotillion is really quite important.

4.  Children spend much of their lives  looking at screens instead of  interacting with people.

Texting has become the most comfortable form of communication between tweens and teens.  Television, computers, video games, ipods and cell phones dominate their lives.  Children need a place to focus on the subtleties of face to face com-munication:  eye contact, body language,  conversational skills, tone and inflection.  To be successful  they must have the interpersonal skills to help them feel and appear confident and maintain a great impression.

5.  The experience of Cotillion creates greater opportunities for  a child for the rest of his or her life. 

After years of attending Cotillion, the good manners become more and more integrated into the child’s behavior until they are a part of him or her.  Children who go through Cotillion are more comfortable everywhere they go, know what to do, what to say, stand out, think of others, and just generally have an edge all of their lives.

6.  Adults who went to Cotillion as children give Cotillion a great deal of credit for the way they felt about themselves, their increased self-confidence, and their ability to carry themselves well and more comfortably than most of their peers.

A Harvard graduate who had attended our Cotillion told Mrs. Martine that the experience was invaluable in all aspects of his success with school.  He said Cotillion gave him an edge in dealing with people and professors, interviews, and generally feeling and appearing confident in his own social abilities.  Also, he felt much more confident at parties and dances than the other young men he knew.  The investment of Cotillion in childhood lasts a lifetime.


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